The World
with our special effects

Do you know that your packaging can conquer the world ​​​​​with our many options of special printing effects? At Neuera, your packaging will never be dull again because we help our customers to make their packaging great again.

We Made To Impress

​Hall Of Fame

​Be impressed with our signature special effects

​Water Drop Effect

Glittery UV Embossed Effect

3D Embossed Effect

Textured UV Effect

Sparkle UV Effect

Raised UV Effect


​Is the mind.

The first impression you give to customers. Able to create attention and interest.


​Is the body.

​Tell customers the uniqueness of your products. Able to create desire


Is the soul.

​Add value to your packaging and product. A significant differentiation from your competitors. Able to create action.

​"Special affects are used to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Change your packaging, change your positioning"


​Market Driven Packaging Company

​Our R&D team are constantly looking out for ways to improve your packaging. With the advancement of technology, today we are able to add many effects into your packaging that you have never seen before. Stay updated, stay connected with Neuera, the market-driven packaging company.

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