5 Reasons 
You Should Start Using  "Bag For Life"

Bag for life, or more commonly known as reusable carrier bag, is a type of carrier bag that can be used multiple times. A good example is woven bag.

Woven bag is perfect as the bag for life because it is very durable, strong and has a long life-span. Woven bag comes in very attractive design that has fast becoming a fashion icon. Thus, woven bag is a very useful marketing tool, a walking billboard of your company.


Woven bag is an alternative to plastic bag. It helps reduce the use of plastic bag.


Due to it's durability, woven bag can be reused multiple times.


Woven bag is famous for being a eco-friendly carrier bag. 

Here's the summary of 5 reasons why you should start using woven bag as your bag for life.

  • ​Reduce the use of plastic bags (REDUCE)
  • ​Strong & Durable
  • ​Due to it's durability, it can be reused for many times (REUSE)
  • ​Your walking billboard
  • ​Environmental Friendly (RECYCLE)

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